Evander Holyfield says he is eying a championship bout after his fight with Brian Nielsen . Let me start out by saying I have all the respect for what Evander Holyfield has accomplished as a champion in the sport of boxing. I just feel that he is way past his time in the sport. His boxing skills have diminished to the point to where he is just eating punches like he is at an all you can eat punch buffet.

On Nov 16, 2004 Evander Holyfield was indefinitely suspended by the New York State Athletic Commission. Ron Stevens, chairman of the New York State Athletic Commission stated that “to my practiced mind, Holyfield shouldn’t be fighting anymore. It’s the responsibility of the state athletic commission to save a boxer from himself.” At that time Holyfield was 42 yrs old and 2-5 over his last seven bouts. Holyfield told the New York Daily news in 2004 that it was a “conspiracy” to get him out of boxing.

Lets bring this up to the year 2011. Holyfield is now 48 yrs old. he did retire briefly between 2004-2006 after he was suspended indefinitely by the New York State Athletic Commission. He came back and fought 4 fights against ‘walk through’ competition. He was given a title shot against  Sultan Ibragimov that he lost.  Everyone was wondering at his comeback why he was still fighting. It soon became clear that he was in massive debt which Holyfield denies is the reason for his continuing to fight.  Holyfield declared “I’m not going to stop until I become heavyweight champion of the world again. However long it takes, I’m going to do it.”

Now lets get a few things straight MR Holyfield. You are not George Foreman! Your skills have slowed down as much as your speech has slurred over the years. The medical community in the USA determined you were not fit to fight almost 7 yrs ago.

It makes you wonder what kind of person would promote his fights and make a dollar of the punches he is eating If no one is willing to put his fights on then he will be forced to get the message.

I am all about freedom and being able to do what you want to do with your life. But if Evander has brain damage due to his boxing career and is not able to stop due to some compulsion to box or the inability to make a clear and wise decision for the benefit of his health then someone needs to stop him! The people in his inner circle need to stop leeching off of him and due whats best for the human being he is. Evander is not a money train! He is a father and a good man.

Someone please read this and help Evander Holyfield out. Convince him to stop before it is to late. If its not to late already! Give him some quality of life for the rest of the days he has left!



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